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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Toms Warehouse Sale

Yesterday I was out spending money! The opposite of what I am supposed to be doing, I know. But I was at the Toms Warehouse Sale in Ontario.
 Also check out their sale website here. So technically I was saving money because I go shoes at more than 50% off. Get all the details on their current sales here.

Let me tell you, it was a long day! I waited nearly 2 hours just to get inside. This is where I started, on the corner of Archibald and Francis.
 If you do go I would seriously suggest sunblock, snacks, drinks and an umbrella. It was super sunny and hard to stay in the shade. There were lots of shoes in several stiles, These are just a few.

This is the price sheet that has all of the styles available.

This is my haul

Yes those are my feet! I am going to get a pedicure soon. I was in line to pay so long I just got tired of holding that bag. And yes, I did help several kids get shoes. This is pretty much all the shoes I"m going to buy for the next 12 months. :)

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

BMC Pho in Covina

Today was one of the first cold days of the season, and my favorite thing to do on a cold day is have soup. I was craving Pho, and one of my friends said why don't we try that Pho place on Azusa we always drive by. So I looked it up on Yelp and off we went to lunc at BMC Pho is on 402 N Azusa Ave in Covina.

 This place is a  fast food restaurant that offers both sit down and drive through service. I'm told it's a chain but this is the only one I know of. BMC offers Vietnamese sandwiches, egg rolls, boba, and a host of other Vietnamese dishes as well as Pho. They have chicken Pho for like $3, but I always order Beef Pho.

 I ordered the #1 which the menu said was Filet Mignon Pho and a Thai Tea, no boba. There was a lot of tendon, and a couple of meatballs in it also. Overall the broth had nice flavor, there was plenty of meat, and of course the traditional lime, bean sprouts, Thai pepper. I give it a thumbs up.